The Original Proposal (1977)

The Myth-Adventures




An outrageously tongue-in-cheek series tracing the haps and mis-haps of a young sorcerer named Skeeve and his brusque demon-mentor, Aahz (no relation).  In the course of their travels, they lampoon every done-to-death plot of action-adventure-fantasy literature and cinema.

Book 1:  Another Fine Myth  —  Our heroes meet for the first time and pool their meager talents to stop a mad master magician who is out to rule the dimensions.

Book 2:  Myth Conceptions  —  A battalion couldn’t take that position, but a few, hand-picked, well-trained men. . .  At Aahz’ insistence, Skeeve accepts a position as Court Magician at the down-at-the-heels kingdom of Posseltum.  Too late, they discover that the job includes defending the kingdom – specifically against the oncoming might of a massive Roman legion-type army.  At a McDonald’s in another dimension, the pair recruit a force of their own, consisting of a Trollup assassin, an Imp who has lost his powers, an aging Archer, a Gargoyle with his salamander sidekick, and a Gremlin.  Of course, nobody warned them that the opposing army is funded by an organized crime syndicate.

Book 3:  Myth Direction  —  A blend of the Master Heist, the Great Escape, and the Big Game.  A shopping trip through the dimensions in search of a birthday present for Aahz goes awry, forcing our heroes to organize a team to compete in a three-way game which is best described as rugby played for keeps.

Book 4:  Hit or Myth  —  A medieval War Against the Mafia.  Remember the organized crime syndicate from Book 2?  Well, they’re looking for Skeeve with a vengeance, and this time he has to handle it on his own – Aahz is back visiting his home on Perv and completely incommunicado.