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Robert Asprin (1946-2008)

On May 22, 2008, Bob passed away quietly  in his home in New Orleans, LA.
He had been in good spirits and working on several new projects, and was set to
be the Guest of Honor at a major science fiction convention that very weekend.
He is survived by his mother, his sister, his daughter and his son, and his cat, Princess,
not to mention countless friends and fans and numerous legendary fictional characters.

He will be greatly missed.

If you wish to send a note to Bob’s Family,
please write to .

The family and friends of Robert Asprin would like to thank everyone for their generous help in
this sad time. There will be no formal funeral; Robert’s wishes were for a simple cremation.
Instead, a memorial pub crawl will be held in his honor in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Bob at Spokon 1986

Bob at Spokon 1986

Bob & the Freases early1980s

Bob & the Freases early1980s

Sharon Taylor, Walt Baric, Lynn Abbey, Lorraine Asprin (mother). Bob Asprin early 1980s

Sharon Taylor, Walt Baric, Lynn Abbey, Lorraine Asprin (mother). Bob Asprin early 1980s

Young Bob

Young Bob

Messages of condolence for Robert Lynn Asprin:
(sent via site)

As with so many other fans, I have enjoyed reading the Myth Adventures and am deeply saddened by the loss of such a wonderful writer. I am so grateful to him and to you, for all of the wonderful stories and characters, the humor and creativity to be enjoyed over and again. He leaves a legacy to be proud of. He has lightened my heart many times, and stretched my mind not a little.

Melissa Grundvig (

There will never be so great a man as one who can put pen to page, and
open up a whole new world to a child who had been blind to all but pain.
Robert Asprin was this writer to me, and brought a thirst for reading
that continues to this day. From the day I found Another fine Myth at
age 10, I have eagerly awaited each and every book he touched. He will
be missed, and my thoughts are with you and yours.

Shadow (

That is very bad, sad news for me myself, publishers, all of readers.

I’m surprised very much, shocked, confused,

dont know what to say…

Just RIP.

On May 23 JST Class Dis-Mythed have just been published in Japan. Maybe it is the epitaph for him.

Thank you again.

Sinserely yours,


Thieves’ World was one of the first glimpses I had of the fantasy world I wanted to see, a grown up one.  I will always be grateful to Robert Lynn Asprin for showing it to me.

My sincerest condolences to his family and friends,

~ Ciaran Daly (

I haven’t talked to Bob or Yang in years…as a rampant punster and old  SCAer myself, (Sonya of Miramovich, c. A.S. 7) who gafiated due to illness and time (lack of same) I will miss his …um…interesting sense o huma. Not to mention the books.

My best wishes to his family. I’ll toss back a toast to his spirit, and I’ll meet Yang in Valhalla, on the Very Last Day. He will be missed. And I’ll put his name on my Samhain altar, this year.

I grieve with you all.

Starshadow (by e-mail)

I literally just bought the first Myth novel a few days ago- it’s excellent.  It was just a coincidence as I had not heard about his death.  I’m so sorry that Mr. Asprin died.  At least he accomplished something while he was here.  Please pass my condolences to his family and friends.  He will be missed by many many fans!

Todd Kessler (

One of the first novels I ever bought with my own money was “Thieves World.” That was back in 1981 or so, and I kept up with the original series through No. 12. Also in college, when I joined the Science Fiction Book Club, one of my first purchases was the MythAdventures series.

Mr. Asprin’s works, on his own and with his co-authors, provided me with many pleasant hours and laugh-out-loud moments. Thank you again, Mr. Asprin, for all of them.

Christiane Truelove (

I don’t know how to start the letter. Honestly I read about it in my friends page on livejournal, could not believe my eyes, went to our news site and found the article. I still can not believe in my heart that it’d happened…

I need to say that here, in Russia, Robert Asprin was very, extremely popular. We loved and will love his brilliant sense of humor, heroes of his books. And I think, you must know that many people on Russia shed tears over him along with you and his family. He had never met us, but we will miss him and he will live in our hearts so long as we can re-read his books which exist on bookshelves in almost every home in our country.

Katherine (

I just wanted to share with Robert Asprin’s family that not only was I a big fan, but the Myth books really helped me. As a child my dyslexia was a real stumbling block for me learning to read. I fought and fought (or so my parents say) any desire to develop anything beyond the basic facility to read. My dad introduced me to the Myth books (by reading them in front of me and laughing a lot and then leaving the books around the house where I could sneak a peak to figure out what was so doggone funny) and I was hooked on reading.

Jason Donev (by e-mail)

In Russia His will always remember…
His worlds always will be in our hearts…
Forgive us, the Maestro,  so much we had not time to tell to you…
one of the Russian MYTH’s fan..

Foxy (

I’ve been a fan of Mr Asprin’s since I first read ‘Thieves’ World’ in  1980. I had just entered secondary school then, and for the last 28 years, finding a new Asprin on the shelves cured many of life’s incidental headaches.  I am thankful to him for the light of his humour. My condolences to his family, and to those of you who were his close accomplices.


Alistair Chew (

My dad introduced me to sci-fi and fantasy, and Robert Asprin’s books were the very first books I found on my own (at the library) and introduced my dad to when I was a kid. I remember feeling so proud that *I* had discovered a great book that my dad didn’t know about, and was the one to show it to him. I remember being almost surprised that I had found such a fantastic book (it was a trilogy of the first three) and my father didn’t know about it. The portion of the first book where Aahz has been summoned and Skeeve is terrified of this ‘demon’ remains today one of my favorite pieces of fiction. It sends me into giggles just thinking about it.

Robert Asprin didn’t just create worlds, he changed them. This world is a poorer place today without him.

Marian Irish (

I’ve been a fan of Robert’s work since I was a teenager back in the  ’80s, and I passed along my love of his stories to my own son just in the last year. I can’t tell you how much his books have meant to me  over the years. He’ll be missed.

My sincerest condolences,

Collin Burton (by e-mail)

I never got the chance to meet Mr. Asprin, though I do have several of the Myth series and am a big fan of them.

I’ll be curling up with those books over the next few days and rereading the ones I have. Its my way of paying tribute to a man who’s humor has influenced me in my adult life. Whenever I read them I got this sense of a man who was cackling maddly with laughter as he wrote. His characters spoke clearly and with their own distinctions in ways that many modern authors only wished that theirs did.

I’ll be keeping you, his friends and family in my prayers through these troubled times.

Most of all I want to send my heartfelt thanks. From a relatively new fan. It’s not much and I certainly don’t know his works as some others do, but they brought me laughter and joy at points where I very much needed them and for that I am in his debt.

God bless
John (

My condolences to all.  A teacher of mine introduced me to Tolkien, Asprin and D&D back in 6th grade.  20 years later I’m still a big fan of all 3.  I was so happy when MYTH books started appearing on shelves again.  Definitely bad news.

Hagen (