In which we are introduced to Skeeve, a would-be enchanter and petty thief. The wizard Garkin, who is Skeeve’s instructor, is shot dead by a couple of Imp assassins just as he is summoning a ‘demon’ to show off his control of the dark forces. The visitor proves to be Aahz, a ‘dimensional traveler’ from Perv, and fellow wizard. He and Garkin used to summon one another to impress their apprentices, and play practical jokes on one another. This time, he removed Aahz’s powers. No one can restore them but Garkin, and he’s dead. Aahz and Skeeve join up to protect themselves from the assassins and the evil force behind them.

At Aahz’s urging, Skeeve goes to apply for the job of Court Magician in the kingdom of Possiltum. It seemed like such a cushy position, but Possiltum is under attack by a much, much larger army. Skeeve has to keep his new home from being overrun, but all he has is a force he recruited from the Bazaar at Deva.

Tananda drags Skeeve along on a ‘shopping expedition,’ to find a present for Aahz’s upcoming birthday. She has set her heart on the ugliest item Skeeve has ever seen, the Trophy of the dimension of Jahk. The only way he can obtain it is to play the national Game. There seem to be no rules, and Skeeve has to face off against old enemies and new opponents to win.

Back in Possiltum, the king has disappeared. Queen Hemlock doesn’t mind: she would rather marry Skeeve. Skeeve has acquired his first apprentice, and has no idea how to teach her. His other problem is that the Mob has shown up, and wants to take over the Bazaar. He has to keep the royal marriage on track, handle the politics and goodfellas, and keep from offending Aahz in the bargain.

Aahz has disappeared. The most likely place to find him is his least-favorite dimension: the one out the back door of the tent in the Bazaar. It leads to a dimension called Limbo, where the denizens are vampires and werewolves – and magick doesn’t work very well. Skeeve has also fallen in love with a beautiful woman, who never seems to be around when he wants her.

Skeeve has woman troubles. After winning a game of Dragon Poker, he finds himself holding the marker of one of the players – a little girl named Markie. Don Bruce, the Fairy Godfather, has also seen fit, as a mark of respect, to gift him with his own niece, Bunny. The company starts to fall apart around Skeeve. Just when he needs to worry about his upcoming match against the Sen Sen Ante Kid, he also needs protection against a mysterious assassin called The Ax, and he finds himself more and more friendless.

M.Y.T.H. Inc. is experiencing growing pains. Everyone is trying to contribute, and getting used to being partners instead of employees, but any time you fool around with business or magick, things can get dangerous. Each of the partners has his or her own story to tel

Skeeve has made up his mind to pursue Aahz to Perv, to ask him to come back to M.Y.T.H. Inc., but he has never been to Aahz’s home dimension before. Every time he tries to do something nice for someone, it backfires on him. Along the way he learns a lot about his partner’s background, and more than he ever wanted to know about Perv.

While Skeeve and Aahz are out of the picture, the other partners undertake a mission to join the Possiltum army. Queen Hemlock has decided to take over the entire dimension of Klah, and nothing can stop her ... except a little internal sabotage.

Skeeve has been getting a good grounding in business, high finance and politics, but he has little experience with honing his social skills. Trying to find a girlfriend who's not connected with M.Y.T.H. Inc. isn't easy: Skeeve soon fins he has too many choices, and they're distracting him from the real business of business.

The mission seemed so straightforward: go to Kowtow, retrieve a golden cow that gives gold-infused milk. The vegetarian denizens of the dimension are terrorized by night by a mysterious menace. Aahz, Skeeve and Tananda immediately get involved in solving the problem, for a price.

Something is boring in suburbia. A would be band of merry men cause a load of trouble while trying to keep their wives off their backs. M.Y.T.H. Inc. had no choice but to get involved, and it's the last thing Skeeve wants to do.

Skeeve and Bunny take on an assignment to help a Wuhs named Wensley to rid his dimension of the Pervect Ten, ten female Pervects who have taken over the government and set up factories to produce demonic devices that cloud the minds of the wearers.

Someone in The Mall in the dimension of Flibber is impersonating Skeeve, and running up huge bills. With the help of Eskina, a Raterrier detective from the dimension of Ratislava, Massha, Chumley, and the local security force, Aahz intends to track down the imposter and make him wish he had never heard Skeeve’s name.

Skeeve, engrossed in his own magickal studies, had no intention of taking on one apprentice, let alone the six that well-meaning friends wish on him. They all seem very anxious to learn the practical side of spell-casting, and they are all in a big hurry. Skeeve discovers that his tutelage doesn’t end after their last assignment. They still need him for one final test.

Well, if you were on your first vacation in years, and an enchanted sword asked you to go find his magikal friends, wouldn't you take him up on it? Especially if there was money involved? Aahz takes Ersatz, leader of the Golden Hoard, on a treasure hunt to locate the other members of the group, to save them from being - - collected. The two of them run into Tananda and her new friend, Calypsa, who are the ones doing the collecting, but it's all for a good cause. The trouble is, the treasures of the Hoard don't really like one another, and that dislike has major magikal consequences. Aahz has to organize everyone to help save Calypsa's grandfather, the great dancer Calypso, from the evil wizard Barrik.

Skeeve has decided, at long last, to come out of his self-imposed retirement and get back into the problem-solving biz. He confidently expected walk in and take his rightful place as the head of M.Y.T.H., Inc. He didn't expect to have to face off against Aahz for the job. With their friends lending help but showing no favorites, they start a not-so-friendly contest to see who will run the company by taking opposite sides of the next case to walk in the door. Will the legendary partnership survive the battle, or will this be the end of a beautiful friendship?

An Imp named Samwise approaches Aahz and Skeeve to get them involved in his pyramid scheme. Skeeve is skeptical, but to his surprise, Aahz is interested in owning a piece of the rock. They discover that everything is not as Samwise described it – he completely forgot to mention the curse, or the wizard he got angry at him. In the meanwhile, Skeeve is trying to improve his luck with women, but the bad luck haunting the pyramid affects him, too. Both of them need to figure out how to deal with the Mumsy’s curse, or spend the rest of their lives in a deep, dank dungeon.

A comedic fantasy masterpiece years in the making, here are the complete Myth tales of New York Times best-seller Robert Asprin collected for the first time. Included is all the short fiction set in Asprin’s legendarily hilarious mythic world of sword, sorcery and wordplay. These tales chronicle the misadventures of Skeeve and Aahz, a magician who has lost his power and his hapless human apprentice, as they travel through strange worlds in pursuit of wealth, glory, and good-times—but succeed mostly in getting into one myth-filled mess after another.

"Politics ain't beanbag," or so said a famous Klahdish writer. In fact, in the dimension of Tipicanoo, it's turning into an endless game of no-punches-pulled hardball complete with organized mud-slinging. The campaign is so dirty that it has dragged on for five long years. The two candidates, Emo Weavil and his cousin Wilmer Weavil-Scuttil have hired M.Y.T.H., Inc. to moderate a fair and balanced race. Each candidate is happy to hold the election -- as long as he wins. M.Y.T.H., Inc. has a secret weapon that will solve the problem, if the tabloid smear campaign against Skeeve and Bunny doesn't make the whole situation as rotten as a politician's promise.

What kind of Wild Hunt uses a princess as prey and dragons as hunting dogs? Aahz and Massha enter the contest to drag their own red herring across the track. Have you ever pictured Guido as a personal beauty consultant? How about Tananda as a heavily armed matchmaker? What kind of security do you need when a deposed monarch sets up a shopping center in the Bazaar? All of these mind-blowing images and more are contained within the pages of this collection, yours for an unbelievably reasonable price.

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The M.Y.T.H., Inc. gets what sounds like the easiest job in the world, to retrieve a magikal artifact called the Loving Cup from the most luxurious resort in all the dimensions. What could possibly go wrong, apart from a rival magician trying to horn in on the job, disappearing force lines, and endless levels of bureaucracy? Skeeve, Aahz, Markie, Chumley and Tananda need to locate the item or their client will pull the plug on an extremely lucrative contract that boss Bunny seems desperate for them to fulfill.


This is the official site for Myth-Information regarding your favorite humorous fantasy series, Myth Adventures, featuring Skeeve, a want to be magician, and his mentor, Aahz, created by Robert Lynn Asprin, and written by Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye.

About the series:

The Myth Adventures series of humorous fantasy novels began in 1978 with Another Fine Myth. Over the next 24 years Bob wrote eleven more books in the series. You can see the covers in their currently available editions on our Cover Gallery page.

In 2003, Bob started working with Jody Lynn Nye, with whom he had written one previous novel, License Invoked (Baen Books, 2001). Since then, Bob and Jody have written six more Myth Adventures novels and nine short stories (collected in an anthology, Myth-Told Tales). Since Bob’s passing in 2008, Jody has continued the series. The most recent novel is Myth-Quoted.

You may have noticed that the books are published in several formats and with different covers. Donning Starblaze was the first publisher, who brought the books out in hardcover and trade paperback, illustrated by Kelly Freas or Phil Foglio. Some months or a year later, they were published in mass market paperback by Ace Books, with covers by Walter Velez. Following Donning’s closure, the next four hardcover and trade editions went first to Meisha Merlin, then two more to Wildside Press. Meisha Merlin is no longer in business. Copies of those editions can still be found at some booksellers. A few years ago, Ace acquired the rights to publish in all formats except for those trade books issued by Wildside Press. Still with us?

For fans of audio books, Audible has issued the entire series (except, at this writing, of Myth-Told Tales). Please visit to purchase them. The e-book editions of the first 16 are being released by Event Horizon E-Books, and the new ones are being issued by Ace Books.

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